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Information Literacy
by Leilla Claudya

Information literacy is a basic skill we will need in our life. For students, this skill would help them to reach conclusion, make choices, and communicate more effectively. Because everyday we see so many information spread around us, which came from media such as books, newspaper, tv, and including internet. If we do not give students skill how to search and use those information, they will just take information they find without thinking and reading it first. Without this skill the student will face difficulty to solve problems. That’s why I believe that information literacy is a very important. With the skill in finding the correct information, the mindset of the students will change, so when they find another task they will use every step to seek information and will find the best answer. Therefore, at the end of the process we can see that students will know how to determine a problem, identify the different sources, know how information being processed and know how to use the information based on what they need. Moreover, we can create critical thinking students, can solve problems, and encourage them to communicate with other people.

Now the question is, how the librarian could take part in this proccess ? The librarian should be the leader to guide the students to find any kind of information they need. Librarian should have background knowledge in answering the question by using all information in the library. Librarian must learn much more in classifying, searching, and literacing than just doing their usual work (such as administration).

If we have a trained librarian, the next question should be asked whether he/she work by himself or need somebody’s hand. In my opinion, librarian can’t do this job alone, they always need to cooperate with the teacher. They can share their duties ; the teacher give instructions and assignments while the librarian can give explanation about the topic by using the skill in finding information. In short, good cooperation between the librarian and teacher is needed. However the most important thing is the role of the headmaster. The headmaster must be well informed about the importance in information literacy at school. He/she must know that having skill is a long life education.This information skill is not only be useful for today, but olso for the future. Information literacy must be joined with the curriculum, and KTSP curriculum.

At last, we know that learners need librarians and educators who understand the needs of information and are willing to learn with their students. Librarians must always learn new strategies and skills and develop their ability to make students to be well informed.


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